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The Great Game Chinese business giants are ready to take over the metaverse

Watch out Mark Zuckerberg because a few strong internet tech giants are ready to take over the metaeverse.

Chinese internet/tech giants scrambled to snag a spot in the metaverse, a concept that has gone viral this year. It is very important for children from the Alpha Generation to understand why the kaos of learning more about the metaverse is important. How this impacts their future. Why is the met averse relevant for the Alpha Generation? In the meantime let’s review a few key major companies in China that are now giving the metaverse platform a serious business venture for them to dive into and possibly be a global leader in this unknown space of the metaverse since it is still kinda new but no really. If your child from the Alpha Generation is already in the met averse because games like Roblox, Fotnite, Minecraft has exposed them into this space without some kids reaizing that the is the world that they are playing in right now. China has a few online company leaders eyeing a spot in the metaverse which are Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, and NetEase to name a few which have reaped large profits from the development of the internet, tech, and gamification over the past decades, have got a head start towards the metaverse, which is widely defined as an alternative digital reality where people work, play and socialize. Alibaba took a step further by registering several trademarks, including "Ali Metaverse." The prospective company with a 10 million yuan ($1.58 million) investment by Alibaba is related with metaverse,citing sources familiar with the matter. Tencent, the world's largest video gaming firm by revenue, aims to pivot to the metaverse as it is ramping up efforts to invest in other gaming firms. Already presiding over the gaming and the virtual reality sector, Tencent owns 40 percent of US gaming firm Epic Games which is building its own metaverse platform. You all may be familiar with Fortnite, Matrix games to name a few that your child from the Alpha Generation as mentioned earlier plays right now. "Metaverse is an exciting topic. I believe Tencent has great technologies and capabilities to explore and develop the metaverse. For instance, Tencent has rich and robust experience in sectors like gaming, social media and AI which is lead by Pony Ma Huateng the CEO of Tencent.

Then we have Chinese search engine Baidu followed the others and raised its stakes in the smart hardware businesses. iQiYi, with heavy investment by Baidu, is an important player in China's VR and its VR devices are considered as interphases to access online 3-D virtual environments. We also have gaming giant NetEase also filed dozens of trademark applications related to the metaverse. NetEase, China’s second largest video gaming company, has become the latest tech firm in the country to voice its commitment to the metaverse concept, in a rush to embrace what has been touted as the next revolution of the internet, despite scepticism from stock market regulators. William Ding Lei, founder and chief executive of NetEase, has already prepared the technologies and strategies required to build the metaverse, which has been loosely defined as a shared, immersive 3D virtual space where people can interact and trade. Sources say that Mr. Ding is confident that they will override everyone else in the metaverse world. I guess we have to wait and see how that all rolls out and who will be the king maker in the metaverse world.

But we cannot forget in the wake of Mark Zuckerberg's announcement in October that Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc, more companies began to bet on the metaverse. Even this holiday season one of the hottest gifts for kids from the Alpha Generation was the Oculus Quest 2. Even though the device has been around for awhile . After Zuckerberg's announement and company direction what child did not want a Quest 2 which is a great way for kids to really get immersed in the met averse world. Even though there are concerns over a premature hype about the metaverse, industry experts said they should not be a roadblock for exploring related opportunities in this global race. We at we have a platform for kids from the Alpha Generation to understand better what the metaverse is and how it is relevant for their generation to learn more which is not taught at schiool. HubPod School covers so many layers around the metaverse and we just want to offer children from the Alpha Generation an opportunity to have the resources and skills to understand this new terrritory. To secure your child’s spot to learn visit our website or send us an email at

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